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Our Integral Labor Evaluation is the best option to shield the security of your company and avoid risks through our range of tools. With our service you can choose from the following options that best suit your needs and put together your own package depending on the position you are looking to fill.

Socioeconomic Study

We verify all the documentation and check the information of your candidates, optimizing the HR processes so that you can focus on your job growth.

Psychometric tests

Our expert psychologists will help you choose the best option among our Psychometrics. The tests can be administered remotely or at your office, adapting to your schedule.

Benefits of using our service:

Increased accuracy in personnel selection

Reduce the risk of wrong hires and find the ideal candidates for each position.

Improved job performance

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your staff to optimize their performance and productivity.

Cost reduction

Reduces costs associated with staff turnover and low productivity.

Increased security for your company

Protect your assets and your reputation by having reliable and honest personnel.

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