Skuadra RH

Efficient and secure payroll

Reduces costs and improves efficiency

At Grupo Skuadra RH, we offer a comprehensive integral payroll service designed so that you can access a personalized and high quality service, adapted to the specific needs of your company.


Eliminates errors, aligned with legal compliance

We stamp and deliver your payroll receipts.

We generate IMSS, INFONAVIT, Retirement and Payroll taxes payment lines.

We issue registrations, cancellations and modifications

We guarantee full compliance with all legal, labor and tax obligations.

Benefits of using our service:

A better focus on the development of your departments and staff as well as their activities.

To have an adequate system and administration of your payroll. 

Support and follow-up to the requirements of the different governmental institutions.

Reduction of administrative costs generated by an internal payroll department.

Specialized Services

Under the new personnel subcontracting reform, Grupo Skuadra is transformed into a company that is company endorsed as a specialized service provider by the STPS.


Administrative services covering financial, accounting, commercial and other skills within an organization to achieve its proper role.


Any activity related to quality management processes, seeking greater efficiency, meeting the required production metrics.


Personnel in charge of the management, planning, supervision and execution of logistic operations for the optimization of processes within an organization, guaranteeing its efficiency.


Keep your company at the forefront with personnel specialized in systems, programming, web developers and more.


Expert staff in the sales area to develop impact strategies and increase the quality of your business.

Human Resources

All HR functions are fulfilled optimizing time and costs, guaranteeing the value of human capital.

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