Socio-economic studies


Learn about the benefits that Skuadra’s Socio-economic
Studies service has for you and your company:

It is a process to gather and match economic, family, and labor-related information gathered directly with the candidate, as well as with: direct supervisors, neighbors, among others.

A socio-economic study is an investigation used to match economic, family, and labor-related information shared by candidates or employees to validate if they meet the profile that the company needs, as well as trustworthiness of information.



  • Reliable information
  • Reference check
  • Delivery of results in the shortest time
  • Reliable sources of information


Learn about out variety of Socio-economic Studies, and chose the one that meet the needs of your company best.

Socio-economic Studies Legal Report Skuadra RH
Socio-economic studies-Basic Skuadra RH
Socio-economic studies-Plus Skuadra RH
Socio-economic studies-Premium Skuadra RH

A report that gives legal and labor background check information, and companies where he/she has worked. This is useful to detect possible legal processes in which the candidate has been/is involved, and to check if information about previous jobs was left out during the interview.

In order to learn about basic information of your candidates or employees, we conduct an investigation covering essential aspects of the environment and quality of life of the individual, without taking into consideration work environment. It is also useful to update information of current employees.

We conduct a home visit to verify work-related, family, social, and economic information of the individual. We make sure that data shared are official and analyze the his/her social environment. Finally, we prepare a report stating whether the candidate is eligible for recruitment, or not.

Additional to the home visit and work history, we investigate legal incidences, in order to learn about the legal check of the candidate: lawsuits, trials, bulletins, etc. A legal report and a socio-economic report are prepared.


We support companies during verification of trustworthiness of information shared by the candidate in his/her résumé and interview. Likewise, to learn about performance, reasons for leaving previous jobs or additional information which might contribute to reliability and trustworthiness during the hiring process.

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