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At Skuadra we are experts on expatriate personnel regularization and management services for companies. We have the experience and permits required by the National Migration Institute to hire expats, and take care of formalities and permits to provide legal certainty for the enrollment, stay and departure of expats.

Besides their legal stay in the country, we help you meet necessary regulations and requirements.

Orientation for all parties involved:

Our team of specialists help you find the best option for payroll administration, and provides support to candidates for smooth and quick integration into the company.

Assistance with migratory formalities:

Our ample experience qualifies us to provide assistance with employee and family mobility. Our experts speed up the migration process and reduce costs related with unexpected events.

Inter-cultural training:

We help you integrate your employee into the country dynamics developing a customized plan based on his/her needs in order to achieve the best cultural development.


    • Migratory formalities
    • Payroll administration
    • Inter-cultural training
    • Legal certainty
    • Validity monitoring
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Nowadays, Mexico is one of the most popular destinations to work and settle for expats; however, often times, it is believed that hiring an expatriate employee is simple, without taking into account obligations with both the new employee and the government of destination.

Expatriation has become a widespread practice, and some of the reasons why it is growing so much is to cope with international competition, along with necessary specialized knowledge and skills. Often times, additional to economic benefits, expatriation is an appealing professional experience for the employee.

It is often easy for companies to have a number of candidates willing to move to a foreign country for a certain amount of time; however, adaptability of the expat and his/her family, along with a new professional challenge in a foreign culture and different working conditions may be defiant, together with a different taxation system which might have a direct effect of the true obtention of the above-mentioned economic benefit.

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